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Arun Bhardwaj has 25+ years of professional experience in the hi-tech industry leading multi-cultural and geographically diverse teams around the world. Arun has succeeded in spectrum of leadership roles in R&D, product marketing, and business development. He has contributed to companies like Motorola, Samsung, Lucent, and Dell by launching new products, and by starting new operations in multiple countries. Arun’s diverse global experience has resulted in several product and process innovations including a product that was elected as America’s Top-15 VoIP innovations of 2007. He also ran a hospitality enterprise in California. Arun has created his signature methodologies in the areas of leadership, interpersonal communication and work-life balance management. After living abroad for thirteen years, Arun returned to his roots with the intent to share his global learning and inspire Indian youth. 

He has been a frequent thought leadership keynote speaker on hot topics like Creativity and Innovation, Branding, Cloud Computing, Efficient Enterprise IT Strategies and Innovative Learning Methodologies. 

Arun Bhardwaj was always in the "Top 10" of Himachal Education Board's merit list.  He received B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering (with Gold Medal & Honors) from National Institute of Technology Hamirpur (Himachal). Arun has an MBA from California State University; and a PhD in Cultural Studies with the intent of harmonizing success with happiness in life.            Download Arun Bhardwaj's Profile