Academic Excellence

Job ready education has become the latest mantra in the academics. The quality of education imparted by an educational institute is assessed these days by the placement percentage of an institution, or the number of entrepreneurs produced by it.

arunb is an expert in conducting workshops on job-readiness and entrepreneurship to help students gain the necessary skills. 

Excellence Zone Academic Workshops 

“Bridging the Gap between Industry and Academia”

This workshop makes learning more purposeful as arunb shares strategies to bridge the gap between the focus of Indian academic programs and the expectations of global industry. The workshop will cover:

-                Understanding industry needs and expectations

-                Identifying gaps between academia and industry

-                Creating plan to bridge the value and skill gap

-                Exploring career choices

-                Interactive Q&A

“Get Hired”

A comprehensive skill development workshop to make audience job-ready by providing principles and practical strategies to ‘get hired’ before you ‘get tired’ of job hunting.

Basic Level (2hrs)

-                Understanding placement process

-                Developing personal vision and goal

-                Learning Skills and attitude needed to ‘get hired’

-                Introduction to ‘getting hired skills’ i.e. presentation skills, interviewing and group discussion skills etc.

-                Interactive session with exercises and activities

Advance Level (2hrs)

-                Advance concepts in ‘getting hired’.

-                Role plays and practice sessions to nurture skills

-                Mock interviews and group discussions


“Invoking the Entrepreneur in YOU”

This interactive workshop provides a blueprint of all you need to know to build and run a successful enterprise.

Basic Level Take Away:

-                Are you built to be an entrepreneur

-                How to identify idea with success potential

-                How to generate wealth out of idea

-                What you need to know about Product Management, Marketing, and Sales to succeed

-                How to raise funds, manage finances and run business

Advance Level Take Away:

-                What are advance concepts of Entrepreneurship

-                Building your realistic business plan

Two Levels of Excellence Zone Workshops 

Basic Level: Two hours of interactive session on fundamental principles related to the topic, and how to utilize the principles effectively in your real life.

Advanced Level:  Two additional hours of hands-on workshop on application of fundamental principles, along with real life scenario practice and expert feedback.