Academic Leadership

"To Make Students Interested in Studies; the Teaching has to be Interesting"

Academic Leadership is not about making an academician look good but for an academician to evolve and excel as a human being and an educator. It is a paradigm shift from begin a transactional professional to a transformational leader. This program is to about changing the way students receive education. Academic Leaders, instead of following traditional methodologies of passing instructions, now focus on inspiring students to participate in knowledge creating and to apply learned concepts in real life situations. In this program educators will learn about various roles they have to play to be successful academic leaders and to transform lives. This module will be of 3 to 4 hours duration.

Module 1: Discovering the Academic Leader in You

This interactive module is about understanding your personal Vision, Mission, Value and Purpose statement to be a successful academic leader.

Module 2: Invoking Innovation

Through this interactive module participants will learn how to utilize creative and innovative methods in the academia. 

Module 3: Leadership Traits

This module introduces traits of a successful leader.


Module 4: A systematic process to be an Academic Leader

Participants will be able to get specific ideas, tools to move on to the next level in their journey to be an Academic Leader and a step closer to being an educator that has the potential of making a difference in many young lives.

Module 5: Reaching Professional Excellence

This module introduces some of the specific values an academic leader has to have to create a disciplined educational experience.

Module 6: Unlocking Personal Excellence in You

All the learning is of little use if one cannot manage himself / herself. This module introduces the concept of how to effectively lead your dreams to a pleasant success. This module is a “how to” guide for achieving what you are capable of with your best efforts.