There are 3 levels of engagements, yet in all three levels one thing is guaranteed i.e. InfotainmentWe do serious work but have a lot of fun. 
  • Invocation: This is an inspiration session on any topic of your choice or a combination of multiple topics of your interest. The intent is to introduce audience to one or more concepts. Innovation session is usually 1 to 2hours.arunb's invocation sessions are informative and entertaining. They invoke transformational thoughts as well as healthy laughter. These sessions are ideal for Keynote Addresses; Icebreakers in serious strategy sessions; and Infotainment sessions for a new topic of your interest. Example would be "Invocation of Innovation: Creative Way of Thinking about Innovation", "Invoking the Leader In You", "Invoking Laughter for Stress Management" etc.  
  • Interaction: These session are in the form of short 4 to 8hour workshop where the strategies and tools presented in Invocation session are put to use. The program is especially suitable for a diverse group intending to learn new strategies to achieve personal, professional or intellectual goals. Using examples, case studies, scenario analysis and team activities - we put concepts to use. Examples: "Creative Ways of Thinking about Innovation Workshop: Using the Tools", "Sales Excellence through Customer Centric Selling", "7 Sutras of Success from Ancient Wisdom" etc.    
  • Intervention: Very useful when you are trying to find a (better) solution to a challenge you are facing as an individual, team or an organization. Our role will be of a facilitator and if requested that of a mentor to facilitate achieving a goal, solving a program or satisfying a need by using innovative methods and tools.Examples: "Conducting Brain Writing / SWOT / IT session to Evolve Innovative Sales / Marketing Strategy", "Outdoor Experiential Learning to Create Synergy in a Dysfunctional Team" etc.  
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