Engineering Happiness: A blueprint to nurture happiness in personal & professional life
Have you ever wondered - What motivates us to do anything in life? What drives our pursuit of excellence? How can we achieve harmony between success and happiness? What is the seed of motivation (Motive for Action)?

If you have pondered on these questions or if you are curious about them now – then this workshop is for you. In this workshop Arun Bhardwaj shares learning from his decade long search for ‘why we do what we do’. This seeking led him to his doctoral research on relevance of happiness in the modern times for living a fulfilled life. 

Arun will introduce the concept of “Basket of Happiness”- the seven dimensions of life his research associates with nurturing long-term happiness. The workshop will guide you to create your personalized “Wheel of Happiness” and “Joyful Living Transformation Plan” to achieve harmony between success and happiness in all spheres of life. Arun will also share practicable ideas from Ancient and Modern Wisdom related to each of the “Seven Dimensions” to nurture a harmony between success and happiness in life. 

This workshop provides a new dimension to the principles of motivation and employee engagement