Joyful Living Programs

"Joyful Living" program can be customized as a keynote address, half-day workshop or a full-day workshop. This program makes ideation sessions more creative, discussion more engaging, and strategy sessions more productive. One or more of the following modules can be combined in this program:

  • Laughter Meditation for Joyful Living: Experience Laughter Meditation and learn practical tips on how to incorporate Laughter Spirit in daily life to stay Joyful. You will learn art of laughing for no reason, and experience joyful state of meditation. Minimum session time is 45 min and up to two hours.
  • Anti-Stress Sprinklers for Joyful Living: This program will make audience stress friendly as they will learn to utilize stress for their advantage. The participants will learn proactive and reactive methods of stress management. This session will install a thought controlled “Anti-Stress Sprinkler System” in the participants. Minimum session time is 45 min and up to two hours.
  • LSD for Joy: We are not talking about the drug LSD but truly uplifting experience of “Laughing-Singing-Dancing for Joy”. This program has produced more Laughters, Dancers and Singers than any other method. The reason is simple: Laughter, Dancer and Singer lives in all of us and this program invokes the latent you and initiates the fountain of joy. Minimum session time is one hour and up to four hours. The components of LSD for Joy Meditation are:
    • Heartful Laughing
    • Soulful Singing
    • Joyful Dancing
Benefits of Joyful Living Program
    • Increases alertness, reduces stress, breaks monotony of daily life, activates creative mind and gives overall feeling of wellness and joy - Recharge passion before or during strategy meetings, brainstorming sessions, or just to relax.
    • A unique joyous experience that lives in audiences’ memory - Offer memorable moments to your employees, customers or delegates. This program can also be blended with brand promotion or product launch activities.
    • Reduced stress level and great mood changer - Operate at the peak performance level.