LSD for Joy

Don’t get wrong ideas; it is Laughing-Singing-Dancing for Joy. This program has produced more Laughers, Dancers and Singers than any other method. The reason is simple: Laugher, Singer and Dancer live in all of us and this program invokes the latent you and initiates the fountain of joy. We just help you unveil what is already in you. All three segments of this program are designed to take you to a state of blissfulness and help you experience life without stress. This innovative program is very effective enjoyable method for Stress Management, Performance Enhancement and for holistic mind-and-body exercise. Other than laughing-singing-dancing, you will experience yoga and aerobics in harmony with visualization and sound therapy. Minimum session time is one hour and up to four hours.

In LSD for Joy program you will experience

Hearty Laughing or Laughter Yoga

The beauty of laughter is that you only laugh in the present. When laughter comes from heart and not from brain, you can start laughing for no reason. Laughter Meditation techniques equip you with anti-stress sprinklers that you can turn on at will to prevent, reduce or eliminate stress. Hearty Laughing is the spirit of Laughter Yoga.  

Soulful Singing or Sound Meditation

Most of us love to sing. Even if we are shy in front of others, we are good bathroom singers for sure. The reason is that in bathroom, we sing for ourselves. Just for our own joy. We have created “Soulful Singing” with the same feelings – sing to be in joy. We singing from our heart and enjoying divine music, we will end the session with experiencing sound of silence.

Joyful Dancing or Movement Meditation

Believe it or not - but there is a dancer in all of us. And as long as our body and mind are in motion, we can dance. This is not necessarily a dance with a particular form created by humans (Bharat Natyam, Kathak, Hip-Hop, Break Dance etc.). We all are capable of a divine dance form - an expression that we all can develop. We are born with rhythm - mental rhythm and bodily rhythm. And when mental or bodily rhythm remains static for a prolonged period of time (i.e. in the same wavelength); life becomes boring. We lose capability to observe changes around us and sometimes a sense of depression sets in and erosion or joy starts. For many, this state of mind leads to vices and addictions. These addictions surely change bodily rhythm, but they also have serious long term side effects.
        Joyful Dancing or Moment Meditation is developed to change the body rhythm and infuse enthusiasm without any negative side effect. The difference between modern dance forms like hip-hop and Joyful Dancing is that hip-hop activates sensual centers whereas meditative dances activate our bliss center.
        Joyful Dancing reaches state of meditation when the dance becomes an expression of joy. Then the dancer disappears and only dance remains. Such a dance is dance born out of ecstasy.        

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