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Creating Optimal Environment

What are JoyMantras”?

"Mantras" are the words capable of creating transformation. JoyMantras encapsulate simplified essence of ancient and modern knowledge combined with interactive and entertaining delivery methods to inspire Joyful Living. They contain timeless wisdom perfected by the sages, as well as new understanding of the body, mind, intellect and emotions based on modern research. They are eternal and we have uncovered them through curiosity of learning from anyone anywhere. As they belong to all – we share the ‘Joy Mantras’ with ALL.

At JoyMantras our mission is Mentoring transformation of individuals, teams or organizations from where they are to where they want to be - in harmony with Joyful Living.

5 Elements of JoyMantras

Inspired by the Universal wisdom, JoyMantras have 5 Elements to manifest our vision of Prosperity with Joy. Internalization and practice of these elements are the ways of Joyful Living. These elements can be experienced separately, or as a combined “Joyful Living” program.





Spirit of Laughter

Invoking Joy

Laughter Meditation

Spirit of Dance

Expressing Joy

Movement Meditation

Spirit of Music

Experiencing Joy

Sound Meditation

Spirit of Wisdom

Understanding Joy



Spirit of Silence

Internalizing Joy

Inner-Eye Meditation

5 Elements of JoyMantras


JoyMantras for Peak Performance

It is a unique interactive learning experience that prepares participants for the new achievement frontiers - sailing on tons of hearty laughter. The program optimizes mental, emotional, and physical elements to help you perform at your very best. In this program you will learn to boost peak performance through invoking and internalizing “Spirit of Laughter” - one of the 5 Elements of JoyMantras.

What is Spirit of Laughter”?

Have you ever experienced meditative state? Get ready for your very first experience without renouncing the world. “Spirit of Laughter” is a revolutionary idea – simple and profound. It combines unconditional laughter exercises, yogic breathing techniques, wisdom of ages, and inspirational humor to create a transformational yet entertaining experience. Ample scientific and experiential evidences prove that laughter can be transformational in cultivating ingredients of peak performance. So far, there was no on-demand, reliable and effective system available to deliver continuous hearty laughter. Spirit of Laughter program utilizes “Laughter Yoga” - a breakthrough system to trigger long duration laughter without any reason. We are internationally certified Laughter Yoga teachers, and privileged to be personally coached by Dr. Madan Kataria - the founder of worldwide Laughter Yoga movement.

Especially designed exercises induce laughter and soon group dynamics turn fake laughter into real and contagious. Fortunately one gets the same physiological and psychological benefits from real as well as the fake Laughter. Laughter is a blissful force for improving performance at the workplace. After just three weeks of laughter sessions, organizations have experienced substantial reduction in stress levels along with enhanced productivity.

 “Spirit of Laughter” Applications

A few applications are suggested here. The program can be further customized to suite your goals, occasion, and audience. The program is entertaining, highly interactive, and team oriented. Special care is taken to keep the humor clean to suite professional environment.    

Achieving Peak Performance: Doing Your Best

We believe that if a goal oriented person can live stress free in “now”; has a positive mental attitude; can focus well on tasks at hand; has higher mental alertness; has creative approach to problem solving; and has an amicable personality – he or she will be a peak performer and a great team player. Practicing and internalizing Spirit of Laughter is a confluence of all the elements needed for creating and maintaining peak performers.   

Monthly Spirit of Laughter programs in an organization for 20 to 30minutes can change engagement level and performance of individuals and teams. Consider monthly “Happy Day” program to get sustained benefits of Spirit of Laughter.  

Managing Stress: Installing Anti-Stress Sprinklers

Anti-stress sprinklers are powerful techniques to prevent and manage stress. The program will demystify nature of stress and teach various breathing and laughter techniques to control body’s stress arousal system. Laughter lowers the level of stress hormones (epinephrine, cortisol etc.) in the blood. It fosters a positive and hopeful attitude. It is less likely for a person to succumb to stress and feelings of depression if one is able to laugh away the troubles.

The integration of humor, laughter, exercises and interactive learning makes “Spirit of Laughter” an ideal Keynote or team building program for off-sites, company celebrations and conferences.

Enhancing Alertness: Invoking Creativity

Laughter Meditation improves oxygen supply to brain, which enhances brain’s cognitive capabilities and mental alertness. Laughter Meditation invokes childlike playful behavior that is inherently creative. Additionally, hearty laughter triggers mood elation and feeling of well being. Combined effect of mental alertness, childlike playfulness and mood elation is elevated creativity level.

This makes “Spirit of Laughter” an ideal icebreaker program especially during creative or strategic conferences or workshops. 

Feeling Good: Enhancing Team Spirit

Your mood is the most important factor in determining how you perceive people and events around you; and how you respond to them. Your good mood will drive an amicable attitude towards the outer world. It will bring hope and optimism in whatever you do in your business, personal and social life.

You will learn to change your mood within minutes by triggering “Feel good hormones”. Once we feel good within, we are more likely to work and perform to our maximum capabilities.

Laughing together during “Spirit of Laughter” establishes an amicable attitude and bond among the participants. Coupled with other team games and inspirational humor, the program is idea for any team building event.

Laughter Booster: Get Hyper Thrust Button

Laughter Boosting is the practice of using unconditional laughter to prepare for stressful events.

Smiley Faces: Triggering Personal Magnetism

Internalizing “Spirit of Laughter” results in smile on the face and help you interact with people more effectively. Don’t we all want to stay around smiley faces?

Laughter for Healing: Invoking Will to Heal

Ten minutes of laughter is observed to give at least two hours of pain-free sleep. Documented medical cases are evidences that laughter is the best medicine. Laughter Meditation helps you combine unconditional laughter and ancient knowledge of yogic breathing to facilitate healing through the science of mind-and-body medicine.

‘Spirit of Laughter’ Happy Hour

The Happy Hour session duration* is between 35min to 60min. The shorter version of the program will have more emphasis on the exercises, whereas the longer version of the program will have exercises coupled with Inspirational Humor and Wisdom of Ages. The session can also be customized to highlight topic of specific interest.    

5 Elements of a typical Happy Hour session are

·        ‘Smile and Laughter’ Warm Up

·        5 Elements of “Spirit of Laughter

·        Crash Course in Laughter Meditation

·        Laughter Showers

·        Fountain Of Joy: Laughter Meditation

* Half day, one day and two day workshops are also conducted to train “Spirit of Laughter Champions”. The champions will be trained to run Spirit of Laughter session.

 For more information on our programs visit www.JoyMantras.com; or write to us info@JoyMantras.com.