Dr. Arun Bhardwaj

Dr. Arun Bhardwaj is a thought leader and a celebrated keynote speaker on Engineering Happiness® for Peak Performance Mindset and Culture of Excellence – An innovative transformation paradigm uncovered by his doctoral research. Now for more than a decade, he is equipping his audience with the competencies to perform in their peak-performance zone. Arun can captivate diverse audiences with his spellbinding storytelling, engaging activities and reflective deliberations. He has founded Happiness Technology with the vision to inspire people to live a meaningful happy life.

Arun is a Gold Medalist in B.Tech from National Institute of Technology, an MBA from California State University, and a PhD focused on inspiring peak-performance mindset and culture of excellence. Arun has 24+ years of global experience in leadership roles working with companies like Motorola, Samsung, Lucent (Bell Labs), and Dell in the Silicon Valley (USA), South Korea and India. He has designed, developed, marketed and sold products and services across the globe. During his corporate life, he witnessed extraordinary accomplishments by the teams, when powered by happy and passionate individuals. This insight inspired Arun’s research-focus on Happiness Thinking and Peak-Performance Mindset. He believes that happy people are the building blocks of innovative, engaged, and productive teams resulting in successful organisations. He is now utilising his experiential wisdom to mentor corporates, academic institutions, sports teams and individuals to perform in their peak-performance zone.

Arun has inspired inner-transformation in 100+ corporations and academic institutions with his Engineering Happiness® and Culture of Excellence programs– touching lives of 50,000+ business leaders and youth. His impressive list of mentees includes GE, Trelleborg, NetApp, Volvo, AC Smith, ZUYD University (Netherlands), L&T, SONY, WalMart Labs, Intuit, IDBI Bank, Bharathi Cement, PDFA, Indian Oil, BHEL, Bank of Baroda, CII, IIM-B, IIM-T and many more. He has inspired culture of innovation in a spectrum of industries including aerospace, manufacturing, IT-BT, dairy, pharmaceutical etc. Government of Andhra Pradesh had engaged Dr. Arun to conduct a statewide “Happiness Initiative for Youth Empowerment” (HiFYE) program, which equipped 10,000+ youth with a blueprint for a happy and successful life. He has conducted mental conditioning programs for Sports Authority of India (Jr. World Cup Hockey), Pro-Kabaddi League, Sports Academies and Indian Army. He also ran a monthly “Happiness Hour Live” public show supported by Bangalore Metro.

Dr. Arun’s Engineering Culture of Excellence programs are helping individuals and organisations to transcend from where they are to where they aspire to be. It all begins with his Engineering Mindfulness program, which is celebrated as the most effective positive mental conditioning, team- bonding and stress-buster program. Engineering Happiness programs equip audiences to be in their peak-performance zone. Engineering Innovation programs inspire creativity and provide a framework to transform ideas into value. Arun also conducts customised leadership, innovation, business strategy, sales, marketing and branding workshops. He begins with cracking open the often long-closed windows to possibilities, then offers strategies and tools for action and progress.