Born in the lap of Himalayas (Himachal Pradesh), Arun Bhardwaj grew up in an environment where asking questions was encouraged and curiosity was considered foundation to enlightenment. He dedicates his learning to those who encouraged him in his quest to “figure things out” and responded passionately to his childhood curiosities. Growing up in spiritual environment helped him accept possibilities beyond the realm of logic. His experiential learning in the initial years, exposure to spirituality, engineering & business education, and opportunities to work with multicultural experts from diverse background have helped him actuate his logical, emotional and intuitive brain. The result is an entertaining passionate speaker who with his scientific approach, experiential wisdom, humor and story telling invokes innovation, inspiration, leadership in the audience of all ages.

Arun has lived in South Korea for three years, where he learned about Buddhism and the art of Zen. After that he has lived in the USA for more than 9 years, where he gained understanding of the western culture and philosophy. His talks have golden nuggets from his Indian, Oriental and Western learning. His vision is to blend goodness of science, arts and spirituality with common-sense to inspire "Inner Transformation" and help people operate in the Excellence Zone.