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Graduation Ceremony


Inspiration - Innovation - Transformation Programs

From Teaching to Transforming Lives


Teaching Excellence


FDP - From Teaching to Transforming Lives

Making Teaching Meaningful and Learning More Fun


Academic Excellence


SDP - Achieving Your Full Potential
Getting Maximum Value Out of Your Classroom Learning



Be A Creative, Happy And Mindful PeakPerformer

A Foundation Program for a Successful & Significant Life

Crossing the Finish Line

Engineering Happiness


Creating Blueprint to a Happier Life
Essence of 10yrs of Research on Peak Performance Mindset
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arunb MasterClasses



A Systematic Approach to cultivating Culture of Excellence


Team Harmony

A Systematic Approach to Breaking Silos & Nurturing Team Bonding



A Systematic Approach to Living a Joyful and Meaningful Life

Engineering Innovation

A Systematic Approach to Transforming Ideas into Value
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Curate Your Own Session

Pick a list of topics that are aligned with your needs and goals.

We will be happy to curate a customised session for you





  • Laughter Yoga
  • Befriending Stress  
  • Mindfulness
  • Peak Performance
  • Inner Recharge
  • Charismatic 
  • Teaching vs Learning
  • Finding Purpose
  • Motivating Students
  • Out of Box Thinking
  • Classroom of Future 
  • Innovative Pedagogy
  • Wisdom of PEARLs
  • Curse of Knowledge
  • Classroom Mgmt. 
  • Champion's Mindset
  • Inspiring Change
  • Culture of Excellence
  • Academic Leaderhip
Academic Excellence

Engineering Happiness for Teaching Excellence

FDP: Teaching To Transform Lives

In the fast-changing world, there is a growing need to transform classrooms from content-delivery places to learning-oriented environment. The teachers have to ignite young minds to think, innovate and accept challenges as growth opportunities.

Teaching To Transform Lives Masterclass is a blend of principles from neurosciences, modern research, ancient wisdom and experiential learning. The program will offer the tools necessary to become an academic leader and the transformer of lives.


Session 1: Experiencing The Zone – Be At Your Best

  • Experience the power of emotional connection and mindfulness in knowledge transfer. Learn innovative methods to enhance classroom engagement & inspire transformation


Session 2: Nurturing Happiness – Living in Joy

  • Experience the essence of decade-long research to inspire the human mind to the peak performance zone. The session will be as applicable to the students as it will be to you.

Session 3: Innovation in Pedagogy

  • Experience our innovation in pedagogy- Wisdom of PEARLs: Participative, Experiential, Associative, and Reflective Learning Strategies designed to address learning bottlenecks and create classrooms of the future. 


Session 4: Creating Classrooms of the Future

  • In this group exercise-based session the participants will learn Innovation tools to design their own creative experiences to create inspirational classrooms.

Creating Harmony
Experience Mindfulness  & Better Team Dynamics in Just 60min
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Engineering Happiness for Academic Excellence

Student Development Programs


This program is designed to empower Youth to successfully pursue their dreams by helping them master necessary personal, social and professional skills.


Engineering Happiness for Academic Excellence program focuses on nurturing an inspirational leader, successful entrepreneur, or a peak performing employee in youth.

Engineering Champion's Mindset

Kites Flying in Cloudy Sky

Live Your Full Potential

Winning the Invisible Game

Keyboard and Mouse
  • Power of Belief to achieve your dreams 

  • Power Of Positive Vision to create your desired destiny 

  • Power of Gratitude to live a happy life

  • Power of practice to change your life

  • Power of Passion: When The Spirit Blazes In A Person

  • Handling social comparison and failures

  • Learning how our mind works – our inner operating system

  • Learning about creativity and innovation through magic

  • Learning Mindfulness for developing focus & concentration

  • Experiencing a miracle – Super power memory in 15min

Engineering Entrepreneurial Mindset


Bridging Industry & Academia Gap

Truth of Your Imagination and Corporate Reality

  • Understanding industry needs and expectations

  • Identifying gaps between academia and industry

  • Creating plan to bridge the value and skill gap

  • What corporate seek in a potential hire

  • How do you improve your employability index

  • Exploring career choices

  • Interactive Q&A


Invoking the Entrepreneur in YOU

Enabling You to Build and Run a Successful Enterprise.

  • What it takes to be an entrepreneur

  • How to identify idea with success potential

  • What you need to know about Product Management, Marketing, and Sales to succeed

  • How to raise funds, manage finances and run business

  • What are advance concepts of Entrepreneurship

  • Building your realistic business plan and product that sells

A Certificate Program in Business Management and Leadership Excellence

Business Meeting


Business Management Excellence

Keyboard and Mouse

WHAT engineers must know about Business Management and WHY


Module #1: Fundamentals of Business Management

  • Introduction to Management Principles

  • Introduction to an organisation's eco-system

  • How organisations survive and thrive

  • Organisational structure and Importance of various roles

  • Success principles to be a champion team member

  • Success principles to be a successful manager


Module #2: Applying Management Principles to Achieve Excellence

  • Career progression possibilities for an engineer in and org 

  • Authority, accountability, challenges and joys of a manager

  • Introduction to Key Management competencies and skills

  • People Management and Time Management

  • Interpersonal Communication and Stress Management

  • Negotiations and Conflict management 

Business Meeting


Leadership Excellence

Keyboard and Mouse

WHAT Engineers Must Know

About Leadership and WHY


Module 1: Fundamentals of Leadership Principles

  • What makes you a leader: Essential Leadership Traits

  • Why an engineer needs to learn about leadership

  • Leading from the position of no power

  • Identifying and nurture leadership traits

  • Importance of Vision, Mission and Goal 

  • Multi-media based interactive learning activities


Module 2: Applying Leadership Principles to Achieve Success

  • Creating your own vision and mission statement

  • Exercise: Finding purpose of life in 5 simple question

  • Creating your own leadership elevator pitch

  • Learning to communicate like a leader 

  • Role and challenges of a leader in the current times

  • Utilising leadership skills to enhance employability index

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