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 Be A


Creative, Happy And Mindful Peak-Performer
Gain The Happiness Advantage
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Engineering Happiness® CHAMP Program
The Art and Science of Living a Happier Life
Five Sessions of 60-90min Each (Delivered Online As Well)
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These days, when our mobile or laptop shows low battery, we rush towards the power socket as if our life depended on them. We understand how Operating Systems (OS) on our devices work; and keep upgrading the OS to get the best performance. But unfortunately, most of us don’t understand functioning of our own Inner Operating System (IOS).


Engineering Happiness CHAMP program is designed to upgrade our Inner Operating System to run in the peak performance mode. This program will help you uncover your greatness and make you more resilient in handling adversities of life.

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What, Why, How of Happiness and Our Mis-Wantings

Session 1: Demystifying Happiness

  • Defining Happiness And Why Happiness Is A Big Deal

  • The Myths Of Happiness and Mis-Wanting

  • Uncovering The Mystery Of Inner Happiness

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Session 2: Understanding Inner Operating System (IOS)

The Story of IOS Evolution and Limitations of Legacy Features

  • How We Perceive The World

  • How IOS Legacy Features Affect Our Life

  • Hacking IOS – Fun Activities To Learn IOS Vulnerabilities


Session 3: Upgrading Inner Operating System (IOS)

Applying Happiness Patches for a Happier Life

  • Addressing IOS vulnerabilities

  • Power of Intention to make Happiness sustainable

  • Experiencing happiness habits in action

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Session 4: Engineering Happiness

Installing 8D Happiness Apps for a Happier Life

  • Creating Blueprint for a Happier Life

  • Fine Tuning IOS for Better Relationships and Meaningful Life

  • FYI: Find Your IKIGAI and Manage Your TEA


Session 5: Demystifying & Applying Mindfulness Meditation

Gaining The Mindfulness Advantage

  • Understanding Meditation and Mindfulness

  • Applying Mindfulness Meditation to Keep IOS in Peak Performance Mode

  • How to befriend stress and utilise Stress System to our advantage