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Charismatic Leadership


Program Description


This interactive program provides a blueprint to develop skills to be a charismatic leader. We will establish a step by step roadmap to move from your current competency to be a Charismatic Leader. The program will be a series of three sessions. Session 1: Leadership Fundamentals; Session 2: Inspirational Leadership and Developing Charisma; Session 3: Charismatic Leadership and Nurturing Charisma




Each Session (CL1; CL2; CL3): 120min   


Key Concepts

  • Analyzing qualities necessary to be a leader

  • Establishing critical qualities of being a leader (learning from modern research, ancient wisdom and experiential wisdom)

  • Process of developing fundamental leadership qualities

  • Transforming from being a leader to an inspirational leader

  • Process and skills to nurture Charismatic Leadership

  • Sustaining Charisma

Mastering Mind:  An program that unifies the essence of ancient wisdom, the best of modern research, and our passion for transforming lives. Learn strategies to operate in your  Excellence Zone. People operating in their  Excellence Zone are the building block of a happy family, a profitable organization, and a progressive society. Mastering Mind is the foundation for becoming a Charismatic Leader.

Mind Impressions:  The strategies shared in this session will help you communicate your ideas clearly and enable you to create lasting impressions in the mind of your audience. 

Leading from the position of no power:   A common perception is that 'initiatives', 'innovation' or 'change' can only be driven by people with power. Now sharpen your skills to transform limiting thoughts to creating possibilities with the art of "leading from the position of no power" or "Leading with Charisma". 

Who Will Benefit

You can be an executive, an entrepreneur, a sports person, or a public personality. There are two popular models of leadership: The Stick and The Carrot Model. If you have tried both without much-sustained success; you will definitely experience transformation as you become a Charismatic Leader.

Pre - requisite


For Session 1 (CL1): Capability to communicate in English. CL2 should be only taken after you have done CL1; and CL3 after CL1 and CL2.

Key Takeaways

  • How to be an effective leader in flattening the hierarchy   

  • Polish skills to be a charismatic leader and better human being

  • Inner Transformation process to better manage your own-self 

  • Ancient and experiential wisdom on how to sustain charisma  

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