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Academic Excellence Workshops


Learn principles, processes and tools for solving complex problems or life's dilemmas to realise your full potential

Engineering Excellence
A Systematic Approach to cultivating Culture of Excellence
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Engineering Happiness
A Systematic Approach to Living a Joyful and Meaningful Life
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Engineering Innovation
A Systematic Approach to Transforming Ideas into Value
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Engineering Academic Excellence
Inspiring Schools of the Future: From Teaching To Transforming Lives
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Invite Dr. Arun to deliver his Keynote Talk and Ignite Passion  for Excellence in Your Team

Engineering Academic Excellence Masterclass

In the fast changing world, there is a growing need to transform classrooms from content delivery places to learning oriented environment. The teachers have to ignite young minds to think, innovative and accept challenges as the growth opportunities.

Engineering Academic Excellence Masterclass is a blend of principles from neurosciences, modern research, ancient wisdom and experiential learning. The program will offer the tools necessary to become an academic leader and the transformer of lives.

Academic Excellence Workshop (1 or 2 Days) Outcome

  • Phase #1: Experiencing The Zone – Be At Your Best 

    • In this interactive program, experience the power of emotional connection and mindfulness in knowledge transfer. Learn innovative methods to enhance engagement in the classroom and to inspire transformation

  • Phase #2: Nurturing Happiness – Living in Joy

    • Experience the essence of a decade long research to inspire human mind to the peak performance zone. The session will be as applicable to the students as it will be to you

  • Phase #3: Wisdom of PEARLs – Creating Inspiring Classrooms

    • Experience our innovation in pedagogy: Wisdom of PEARLs. In this activities based infotainment program, you will first experience learning bottlenecks and then learn methods to address them to create inspiring classrooms of the future

  • Phase #4: Education 4.0 – Innovating Classrooms of the Future

    • In this group exercise based session the participants will learn Innovation tools to design their own creative experiences to create inspirational classrooms.

Creating Harmony
Experience Mindfulness  & Better Team Dynamics in Just 60min
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