Business Excellence

Our workshops are more of a Jazz concert than a symphony. We improvise our interactive sessions to make them most relevant to the audience and the occasion. We create customised programs to be your partners in achieving your organisational goals.

We blend modern research, experiential wisdom and innovative methodologies to mentor your journey from where you are to where you want to be.

arunb's innovative Customer Centric Sales, Marketing, Branding, Customer Delight and overall Business Excellence Strategies will help you achieve your top line, bottom line goals and turn your customers into your business promoters. We mentor, we inspire, and we help you become a successful leader of your domain.

Business Strategy Planning: Vision to Value (V2V) Workshop

Without a clear vision, a business can not sustain; and with only vision the business can not exist. The business needs to create value.

Articulating a clear vision, understanding its value potential and translating it to everyday moments is the only way to create team synergy. Without this, it is hard to achieve goals and create value. We assist individuals and organizations in defining ‘what, why & how’ of accomplishing strategic goals - a comprehensive strategic plan of long and short term goals with execution details. We also mentor execution of the Goal Achievement Plan (GAP).

Innovative Business Development Strategies: Increase Revenue, Margin and Customer Delight

Business exist to create value and to sustain it. This workshop will help in creation of a execution plan to increase your revenue, margin and customer delight. The program is based on course taught at IIM Trichy and learning from it. Focus of the workshop is on sales processes, marketing, branding, customer support and essential business management concepts.

Target Audience: Any team where improvement in the synergy within sales and marketing is needed to make the organization more profitable. This will be the focused mini MBA for your sales makers and sales enablers.

Achieving Marketing and Branding Excellence: Enhance perceived value of anything

Whether it a product, an organization or a person; innovative brand management techniques can help in enhancing the perceived value ethically. arunb's innovative marketing techniques will help you enhance brand equity of anything. After this program, you will have a strategic marketing and branding plan for your organization, product or yourself.

Target Audience: Anyone interested in enhancing brand equity - whether for the product, organization or for oneself (personal brand management).

Customer Centric Selling Workshop

‘People don’t like to be sold, yet they love to buy’. This program gives an understanding of Customer Centric Selling; and helps you establishes a value based selling process.

In this workshop, we share techniques on how to go beyond understanding what customer need, to what customer want. In the process we will inspire any sales person to start thinking of solutions rather than product features. The techniques shared will help sales organization enhance the perceived value of products hence improve sales margins.

Target Audience: Anyone organization planning to boost sales.