Ancient Wisdom

The Wisdom of the Ring : Even This Will Pass Away

In my dream saw a strange thing, on my hand I had a ring

It had a maxim carved - strange and wise

Visible at a glance when held in front of eyes

The wisdom suited events that life faces ever day

The Wisdom of the Ring was: Even this will pass away

Someone can find a lot of gold; someone can multiply money many fold

Another man might suffer worst of health; or may lose in a day abundant wealth

In any circumstance, calm & humble we shall stay, thinking: Even this will pass away…

Winning boosts pride to the world’s very top;

A loss makes us feel miserable, without any hope

Remember on your happiest and on the saddest of days

Pleasure & Pain come but not to stay, whatever you face: Even this will pass away…


In the present moment, you may even transform the past

We do not see the whispering voices of our heart because of the noise of our own words


Before you take your first step, be of clean heart and learn to discern the real from the false; ever fleeting from the everlasting. Soar beyond illusions and discard mind’s false suggestions. For the mind is like a mirror, it gathers dust while it reflects. It needs the gentle breezes of soul-wisdom to brush away the dust of our illusions. Seek to blend your mind and soul.


The divinest things – religion, love, truth, beauty, justice – seem to lose their meaning and value when we sink into lassitude and indifference…

It is a signal that we should quit meditation and books and go out into the open air, into the presence of nature, into the company of flocks and children, where we may drink new health and vigor from the clear and full-flowing fountains of life, afar from the arid wastes of theory and speculation; where we may learn again that it is not by intellectual questionings, but by believing, hoping, loving and doing that man finds joy and peace. - John Lancaster Spalding


Every year I live I am more convinced that the waste of life lies in the love we have not given, the wealth we have not shared, the abilities we have not used… (- Mary Cholmondeley)


Attitude of Gratitude Brings Harmony in Life


Magic of Appreciation

To appreciate, we must understand. To understand, we must know. To know, we must seek. To seek, we must desire. To desire, we must experience. To experience, we must feel and understand…

Growth is natural to man. No one thinks of a flower trying to bloom, or of a tree trying to grow. The blossoming of the flower is a manifestation of universal law flowing through the plat. Blossoming of the soul is just as natural, simple and inevitable as the flowering of the rose. We just need to nurture and maintain the right environment and let nature do the rest…

Man does not have to try to be himself.


Key to a happy, fulfilled and contented life is to make the decision, once and for all, to STOP blaming others and outer circumstances for our emotions.