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Program Description

This is the foundational session of arunb’s innovation series that will cover the key concepts in developing an attitude of innovation. The concepts, examples, and activities shared in this session will help in building skills used in advanced sessions focused on more specific applications.


Invocation Session: 120min 


Key Concepts

·         Contrasting Creativity, Invention and Innovation 

·         Attributes of Innovation and challenges in developing an innovative mindset

·         Are we born innovative or can we become innovative?

·         Systematic approach to innovation: arunb’s IDEA framework

·         Interactive and experiential session with exercises and activities


Who Will Benefit

This program will benefit individuals eager to challenge status-quo and do things differently. Any professional eager to learn how to create possibilities when none seems to exist will find this session thought-provoking. From aspiring entrepreneurs to successful business persons; and from worker bees to senior executives, all will get enough food for thoughts and tools for alternative thinking.



Passion for participatory learning and comfort level with communication in English.


Key Takeaways

·         Why innovate (with examples to keep the concepts alive in your memory)

·         Barrier to creativity and innovation

·         Methods and tools to maintain an innovative mindset

·         IDEA framework and IDEAS Toolkit for systematic innovation  


Next Step

·         Interactive Session: 3.5hours (includes exercises and activities)

·         Innovation Workshop: 7hours (In-depth discussion and application of the IDEA framework to a specific problem for Systematic Innovation).   

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