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Experience an innovative transformation program designed to nurture HAPPINESS mindset in The individuals to cultivate culture of excellence in The organisations.

Invite Arun Bhardwaj to trigger a transformation !

In Pursuit of Engineering Happiness... may become a charismatic leader, an innovator, a star performer or simply a happy human being.

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Our innovative Inside-Outside Transformation (ioT) process blends principles, processes, inspiring stories and interactive activities from business-world, modern research and ancient wisdom to mentor your transformation from where you are to where you aspire to be.

Engineering Happiness program starts with defining or refining an organisation's cultural identity and transformation goals to map the intended flight-plan. The journey begins with Experiencing The Zone program to interconnect individuals into 'one-team with one-dream'; and inspires them to work in their peak-performance zone. Engineering Happiness is celebrated as the most effective team-bonding, creativity boosting and stress-busting program. After ensuring people-readiness, Engineering Innovation program utilises our signature strategies to involve connected and inspired teams in finding innovative options to address the transformation challenges. As the solutions are proposed by the team, they proudly own it and willingly participate in Engineering Transformation, facilitated by us to ensure successful execution of the planned strategies to achieve desired goals.

Experience in just one session what takes people an eternity – ‘A Stress-Free Meditative State of Mindfulness & Joy’. In this high-energy interactive session, participants will learn how to manage day-to-day stress, build work-life harmony and nurture positivity. This session is designed to catalyse creativity, art of possibilities and positive emotions. You will see silos breaking, instant team bonding and a lot of joy in just 60min.

The researchers worldwide are now finding what humans intuitively experienced for ages – ‘When we are happy, we are at our best’. We are more creative, more collaborative and more productive. We are in our peak-performance zone. But, can happiness be engineered?

This question inspired Dr. Arun’s decade long happiness research to identify factors of peak performance in personal and professional life. The essence of his research findings empowers you to create your own Wheel of Happiness in this workshop.

We often hear the expression “Think Outside the Box”. But what box are we talking about and how do we get out of that box?

Engineering Innovation: Demystifying Out-of-Box Thinking” is a revolutionary program designed to first give you an experience of the box that restricts us from living our full creative potential; and then to equip you with the strategies and the tools that will help you open windows to new possibilities. We believe that everyone is creative and Innovation Mindset can be systematically engineered. After this program, you will see challenges as growth opportunities and learn to utilise systematic innovation process to solve complex problems.

Engineering Mental Toughness

Mental Conditioning Program "Winning the Invisible Game"

We are always engaged in two games - One played outside in the physical environment, and the other within our mind with our own-selves. The quality of this invisible game influences outcome of the outer game. "Winning the Invisible Game" is an interactive program powered by principles, methods and activities focused on developing and sustaining peak performance mindset. The program was well received by the Indian Jr. Hockey Team, Pro-Kabaddi Team and Indian Army (Laddakh Scouts).

Jr. National Hockey Team

Indian Army (Leh-Laddakh)

Pro-Kabaddi Team

Engineering academic excellence

Happiness Initiative for Youth Empowerment (Project HiFYE)

A unique and innovative initiative of Dr. Arun Bhardwaj, launched in collaboration with Andhra Pradesh Government with the vision to nurture inspirational learning environment in the educational institutions. Our programs have inspired 50,000+ youth and 5000+ faculty members.

Invite us to help you create inspiring and engaging classrooms with our innovation in pedagogy.

Meet Dr. Arun Bhardwaj

Dr. Arun Bhardwaj is a business transformation strategist and a motivational speaker. He started his professional career engineering electronic circuits but his passion for celebrating life took him on an unbeaten path where he is now Engineering Happiness and transforming thousands of lives. He is blessed with the art of invoking immense power of possibilities in people to achieve their full creative potential. His strategies are designed to inspire Culture of Happiness, Culture of Innovation and Culture of Excellence so that people and organisations can grow and thrive.

We just have ONE life. Arun can help you transform your dreams into a reality in that ONE precious life.

What Audience Are Saying

...I have heard Steven Covey & Deepak Chopra; but yours is the most inspirational speech in 30years... Watch Dr. Raikar, San Jose, CA

...The impact and positive vibe you have created in less than 3 hours will stay with us for ever... Student feedback, IIM-Trichy Exec MBA

..."In a three hour session you have created a camaraderie that I have not seen in years"... Dr. Malla CMD IDBI (Board of Director Offsite)

...first time 100% positive feedback for any team activity from a group 50+... Mr. Ramesh Chandra Sr. Dev Manager, Intuit

...You are a treat that humans should not be deprived of... Dr. Madhuri Rao @ IET South Asia Conf

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