Joy Mantras (Know More)

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"Mantra" in Sanskrit means words capable of "creating transformation". So ‘Joy Mantras’ are the transformational building blocks of “Art of Joyful Living”. Joy Mantras are eternal – gifted to us by Mother Nature. We have uncovered them through curiosity of learning from anyone anywhere. Some of the 'Joy Mantras' contain wisdom of thousands of years of research and experimentation by sages; some are directly from mother nature, and some are uncovered during our journey within.

'Joy Mantras' provide all the Yantras (Sanskrit word for "instruments" or "machines") needed for 'Joyful Living': the map, the compass, the vehicle and the fuel for your journey from where you are to where you want to be. 'Joy Mantras' also contain the knowledge of how to use these Yantras. Before bringing them to you, we have internalized them, practiced them and experimented with them. What we call ‘Joy Mantras’ are the distillation of years of learning and practicing "Art of Joyful Living".

‘Joy Mantras’ transcend boundaries of religion, region, physical form, and languages. ‘Joy Mantras’ are applicable to all, irrespective of our goals and purpose in life. 'Joy Mantras' belong to all, and they have in them divine power to transcend all to “True Joyful Beings”.

As they belong to all – we want to share the ‘Joy Mantras’ with ALL. We believe that when purpose is noble, intentions are pure and efforts are sincere; mysterious coincidences happen and magic gets created. Let us see when our paths cross.

JoyMantras Team

We are a team of Joyfully Living professionals - engineers, marketers, motivational speakers, and professional musicians. A wizard of words with a business degree and 18+ years of international experience; a master of Bamboo Flute and a disciple of Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia; an ex-army officer now teaching students ‘value based education’; and a social leader helping destitute. Our uniting force is passion to share JoyMantras with ALL so we can create a world of Prosperity with Joy. Our passion grew into a mission as we experienced elating changes through internalizing JoyMantras. We now combine our realization of Spirit of Laughter, Sound Meditation, Ancient and Modern Wisdom, Neural Conditioning, and Movement Meditation in our performances. The result is an interactive entertaining experience that leads audience to a joyful meditative state & inspires life transformations.

Through our talks and workshops we have inspired thousands in their pursuit of ‘from where they are to where they want to be –with prosperity and joy’.

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