arunb Keynotes

We kindle thoughts - Thoughts inspire actions - Actions create destiny...

arunb's 'Engineering Happiness' Keynotes are 30 to 120 minutes of interactive, engaging, and entertaining experience. We customise content and theme to suite the occasion and the audience. Our sessions are more of a Jazz Concert than a Symphony i.e. we improvise our sessions to make them relevant to the audience and the occasion.

Motivational talks are like bathing - we need them regularly to stay clean from the pollution around us.

Other Keynotes:

· Pursuit of Happiness– Happy people create happy organisations; and happy organisations achieve customer delight. This happens when human resources feel they are thriving professionally and personally. The program inspires the environment for just that.

· Laughter Recharger – Experience Thoughtlessness in 30min: An interactive program full of healthy laughter to supercharge individual and team spirit.

· Change Your Story, Change Your Life: Ten short stories with gold nuggets from ancient wisdom to inspire transformation at work, at home or within (we offer choice of themes).

· The Art of Customer-Centric Selling - Don't Just Sell; Make People Buy: We hate to be sold yet love to buy. 'To sell well' we need to understand 'why people buy'. Learn interactively the art of inspiring buyers and creating customer delight.

· Magnetic Expressions - Delivering Sticky Messages: Carve your message on audience mind. Make your communication understood better and remembered much longer. Experience Arun Bhardwaj's innovative Nurturing PEARL methodology in action. This is the methodology Arun himself uses to win accolades and hearts worldwide.

· Nurturing Innovation Attitude: When it comes to cultivating excellence, it is the Innovative Attitude that matters.

· Be a STAR Leader - Charismatic Leadership Workshop: A blueprint to develop knowledge, skills and virtues to be a charismatic leader.

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