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Gaining Happiness Advantage
When Individuals Grow, Businesses Thrive

Researchers are now proving worldwide what humans intuitively knew for ages – "When we are happy, we are at our best. We are more creative, collaborative, and productive.

We are in our peak-performance zone."

Curate Your Own Happiness Program

10 Sessions Below to Choose From


Session 1: Demystifying Happiness Day

  • Why Happiness Matters, especially in trying times

  • What is mis-wanting (what we think makes us happy but does not)

  • What Actually Makes Us Happy: Key factors of sustained happiness

  • Creating your personal Wheel of Happiness; Your Happiness Blueprint

Taking Control of Your Life - Gaining Happiness Advantage By Design


Session 2: Healthy Body & Mind Day

  • Learning Ancient Wisdom of mental & physical health management
  • Handling Anxiety, Fear, Regrets, and social comparison
  • The art of mental hygiene and mental first-aid
  • The science of mental conditioning and winning the invisible game

Laying the Foundation to Operate in the Peak Performance Zone 


Session 3: Amicable Relationship Day

  • Understanding Anatomy of Relationship Problems 

  • The Role of Evolution and Legacy Features on Human Behaviour 

  • The Art and Science of Overcoming Relationship challenges

  • Relationship Management Skills - The Connect Toolbox

Creating Environment for Joy at Home & Success at Work


Session 4: FYI (Finding Your IKIGAI) Day

  • Finding your IKIGAI - Your reason to wake up

  • Identifying your signature strengths  

  • Defining your vision, mission, purpose and core values for life

  • The connection between virtuous living and peak performance 

Creating a Blueprint to Live a Purposeful Life


Session 5: Growth Mindset Day

  • How we perceive the world – Our Inner Operating System

  • Fun activities to learn how mind tricks us and discourages change

  • Fine-tuning Inner Operating System to the peak performance zone

  • The art and science of Thinking Outside The Box to Excel

Learning The Art of Growing Not Just Ageing


Session 6:  TEA Time Management Day

  • Time - Energy - Attention Management for Achieving Excellence 

  • First Thing First Time Management Paradigm 

  • Attention Management and its implication on life

  • The art and science of replacing old habits with the new ones 

Learning The Art of Creating Time


Session 7: Stress Management Day

  • Understanding Nature of Stress and its Evolutionary Significance 

  • Demystifying The REAL causes of Stress in the modern world

  • Making friend with the stress: Learning coping mechanisms

  • Handling Stress with Laughter, Meditation and Cognition 

Learning The Art of Growing Not Just Ageing

23003-min (1).jpg

Session 8: Happiness Practices Day

  • Exploring 3 Gs of Happiness

  • Learning 5 Happiness Practices that can change life

  • Experiencing power of Happiness Practices in real-time

  • Measuring the effect of these practices on your happiness

Experience Live - How Small Changes can make a BIG Difference


Session 9: Turning Learning to Wisdom Day

  • Learning how brain learns and why old habits die hard

  • Understanding Habit Formation and Execution Process 

  • Learning tools to replace unlearn undesired and learn desired 

  • Making Happiness Habits Stick

Experience Live - How Small Changes can make a BIG Difference


Session X: Demystifying Mindfulness Day

  • Understanding Mind Wandering and Mindfulness
  • The Secret of Mindfulness Meditation Revealed
  • Applying Mindfulness to achieve peak performance
  • Mindfulness session to experience the learning

Gain The Mindfulness Advantage to Amplify Effect of Your Efforts 

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