By Dr. Arun Bhardwaj

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  Change Your Story - Change Your Life  

  51 Stories To Inspire Small Changes To Make Big Difference in Your Life  ​

Human life is driven by stories. Stories have charming powers; they trigger introspection driven by individual thought processes. The same story appeals and reveals differently at different times in our lives. There are stories that we read and hear. There are those shaped by our life experiences. These stories collectively form our inner operating system.

Every event in our lives triggers a story from within us. It inspires our choice of response and in return shapes our lives. Life is nothing but a total of these choices. This book intends to augment your repository of stories in your inner operating system to help you make thoughtful choices and live a life of peace, prosperity, and joy.

In "The Book of Reflections" Dr. Arun Bhardwaj is sharing with you some of his favourite stories that he has been utilising in his workshops to touch and transform thousands of lives worldwide.