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arunb KEYNOTEs

Magic of Words to Enchant Audience & Inspire Transformation In Just 60min

A potent blend of neurosciences, positive psychology, modern research & ancient wisdom

to inspire individuals and organisations to achieve excellence

Ignite Passion for Excellence in Your Team

Most Celebrated Keynotes

  • Engineering Happiness Icebreaker – Experiencing Inner Silence

      An Expedition of Opening Minds & Connecting Hearts to Turn ME into WE

  • Beyond Boundaries – Gaining Happiness Advantage for Sales Excellence
    An interactive, engaging, and outcome-driven program for the sales team

  • Out-of-Box Thinking for Innovation – The Super Skill for Success
    Learning The Art of Systematic Innovation to Create Breakthrough Solutions

  • Gaining Happiness Advantage – Upgrading Inner Operating System for Success

      Understanding Brain Design and Rewiring Mind for Success 


Creating Harmony 

Achieving Better Team Dynamics in Just 60min

  • Experiencing FLOW – A Journey to Thoughtlessness & Excellence Zone

    • High Energy stress buster with learning and a lot of laughter.

    • A unique program for instant team bonding at a emotional level

  • One Team, One Dream 

    • Breaking Silos, Creating Harmony, Achieving Success

  • Stress Busing and Team Bonding with Laughter Meditation 

    • Experience the effect of our natural stress buster 'Joy Cocktails'

    • Highly interactive program to re-energise teams in post-lunch hours

  • Interactive Keynote - Creativity Exercises for Team Bonding

    • A must to catalyse creativity in any conference or strategy session


Igniting Purpose 

Inspiring Change

  • Engineering Culture of Excellence

    • Realising True Team Potential

  • Leading with Purpose, Living in Joy

    • Defining Vision, Mission, Values and Purpose to excel

  • Loving What You Do - Doing What You Love

    • ​Enjoying Work and Celebrating Life

  • Joy Mantras for Happy Relationships

    • How to live in harmony with all and enjoy your life

  • Engineering Charismatic Leadership

    • Leading with Purpose, Living in Joy

447-min (2).jpg

Inspiring Innovation 

Out-of-Box Thinking: Nurturing Culture of Innovation

  • Thinking Outside The Box - How Everyone Can Innovate

    • Experience mind’s limitations and how to overcome them

  • Engineering Innovation Mindset

    • Creating a Culture of Innovation in the organisation

  • Engineering Innovation with Design Thinking

    • Using Systematic Innovation Process for problem solving

  • Blue Ocean Strategy and Value Innovation

    • How to Find Greener Pastures to help Business Grow and Thrive 

  • The Story of Human Evolution and Impact on Innovation

    • Why mind resists change and how to overcome mental laziness


Inspiring Change 

Inspiring Champion's Mindset To Fuel Success

  • Nurturing Happiness Mindset

    • Being Happy, Becoming Innovative and Experiencing Success

  • Winning The Invisible Game

    • Nurturing Champion’s Mindset and Living in The Excellence Zone

  • Digital Transformation with AI

    • Humanising Artificial Intelligence to Augment Human Mind

  • IOT – Inside Out Transformation

    • Why transformation efforts fail & how to make them successful

  • Scaling Up Strategies

    • Scale up your business from where you ARE to where you CAN be


Curate Your Own Session



  • Laughter Yoga
  • Stress Buster
  • Mindfulness
  • 8D of Happiness
  • Peak Performance
  • Inner Recharge


  • Charismatic Communication
  • Value Negotiation
  • Finding Purpose
  • Public Speaking
  • Time & Energy Mgmt.



  • Out of Box Thinking
  • Systematic Innovation
  • Design Thinking
  • Value Innovation
  • Innovation Toolbox
  • Culture of Innovation


  • Scaling Up Biz
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Inspiring Sales
  • Champion's Mindset
  • Mental Toughness

Pick a list of topics aligned with your needs or goals from

the table above, the list below, or your experiential wisdom.

We will be happy to curate a customised KEYNOTE just for you.

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