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Motivational talks are like bathing - we need them regularly to stay clean from the pollution around us.

Magic of Words to Enchant Audience & Inspire Transformation
In Just 60min

A potent blend of neurosciences, positive psychology, modern research & ancient wisdom

to inspire individuals and organisations to achieve excellence

Invite Dr. Arun to deliver his Keynote Talk and Ignite Passion for Excellence in Your Team

 Enhanced Energy Levels and  Better Team Dynamics in Just 60min
Inspiring Change By Addressing Root Cause of Motivation
Inspiring Out-of-Box Thinking and Culture of Innovation
Inspiring Champion's Mindset & Skills to Help Businesses Thrive

Curate Your Own Session



  • Laughter Yoga
  • Stress Buster
  • Mindfulness
  • 8D of Happiness
  • Peak Performance
  • Inner Recharge


  • Charismatic Communication
  • Value Negotiation
  • Finding Purpose
  • Public Speaking
  • Time & Energy Mgmt.



  • Out of Box Thinking
  • Systematic Innovation
  • Design Thinking
  • Value Innovation
  • Innovation Toolbox
  • Culture of Innovation


  • Scaling Up Biz
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Inspiring Sales
  • Champion's Mindset
  • Mental Toughness

Pick a list of topics aligned with your needs or goals from

the table above, the list below, or your experiential wisdom.

We will be happy to curate a customised session just for you.


 Creating Harmony 


  • Engineering Mindfulness – Experience Your Peak Performance Zone

    • High Energy stress buster with learning and a lot of laughter.

    • A unique program for instant team bonding at a emotional level

  • One Team, One Dream 

    • Breaking Silos, Creating Harmony, Achieving Success

  • Stress Busing and Team Bonding with Laughter Meditation 

    • Experience the effect of our natural stress buster 'Joy Cocktails'

    • Highly interactive program to re-energise teams in post-lunch hours

  • Interactive Keynote - Creativity Exercises for Team Bonding

    • A must to catalyse creativity in any conference or strategy session


 Igniting Purpose 


  • Engineering Culture of Excellence

    • Realising True Team Potential

  • Leading with Purpose, Living in Joy

    • Defining Vision, Mission, Values and Purpose to excel

  • Loving What You Do - Do What You Love

    • ​Enjoying Work and Celebrating Life

  • Joy Mantras for Happy Relationships

    • How to live in harmony with all and enjoy your life

  • Engineering Charismatic Leadership

    • Leading with Purpose, Living in Joy

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 Inspiring Innovation 


  • Thinking Outside The Box - How Everyone Can Innovate

    • Experience mind’s limitations and how to overcome them

  • Engineering Innovation Mindset

    • Creating a Culture of Innovation in the organisation

  • Engineering Innovation with Design Thinking

    • Using Systematic Innovation Process for problem solving

  • Blue Ocean Strategy and Value Innovation

    • How to Find Greener Pastures to help Business Grow and Thrive 

  • The Story of Human Evolution and Impact on Creativity

    • How we are risk averse by design & how to overcome this limitation


 Inspiring Change 


  • Nurturing Happiness Mindset

    • Being Happy, Becoming Innovative and Experiencing Success

  • Winning The Invisible Game

    • Nurturing Champion’s Mindset and Living in The Excellence Zone

  • Digital Transformation with AI

    • Humanising Artificial Intelligence to Augment Human Mind

  • IOT – Inside Out Transformation

    • Why transformation efforts fail & how to make them successful

  • Scaling Up Strategies

    • Scale up your business from where you ARE to where you CAN be