Keynote Zone

Thoughts become Actions - And We Inspire Thoughts

Our Keynotes and workshops celebrate power of human capabilities and inspire Peak Performance. Three dimensions of our programs are Personal Development for individual excellence; Professional Development for business excellence; and Spiritual Excellence programs for holistic blissfulness.

You can engage us at three levels:

  • Invocation: An Invocation introduces audience to Engineering Happiness. These one to two hour sessions are informative, motivating and entertaining. They invoke transformational thoughts as well as healthy laughter. These sessions are ideal for Keynote Addresses; Icebreakers in serious strategy sessions etc. We have mastered the art of customising the topic based on the audience and the occasion.
  • Interaction: An Interactive session is a four to eight hour workshop where the strategies and tools presented in Invocation session are put to use. The program is especially suitable for a diverse group intending to learn new strategies to achieve personal, professional or intellectual goals. Using examples, case studies, scenario analysis and team activities - we put concepts to use.
  • Intervention: Very useful when you are trying to find a (better) solution to a challenge you are facing as an individual, team or an organization. Our role will be of a facilitator and if requested that of a mentor to facilitate achieving a goal, solving a program or satisfying a need by using innovative methods and tools.Examples: "Conducting Brain Writing / SWOT / IT session to Evolve Innovative Sales / Marketing Strategy", "Outdoor Experiential Learning to Create Synergy in a Dysfunctional Team" etc.

We are Jazzy

“Our sessions are more of a Jazz Concert than a Symphony i.e. we improvise our sessions to make them relevant to the audience and the occasion.