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Inside-Out Transformation

Driving Change is difficult. The transformation programs mostly fail because the teams resist Change Initiatives rather than welcoming them. Now experience an innovative Inside-Out Transformation (IOT) Paradigm of Inspiring Change to create ownership and achieves intended outcome.

5i Inside-Out Transformation Framework

Engineering Happiness IOT Program

A Mentoring Program with a Definite ROI


#1 Engineering Excellence MasterClass


"He who has WHY to live for can bear almost any HOW" - Nietzsche 

But, can a share vision and Culture of Excellence be engineered?

An organisation’s culture is its shared values, principles, traditions and practices that collectively create its unique identity.  Culture of Excellence exists when the team members are engaged, motivated and committed to do their best. This program helps in nurturing organisational harmony and an environment that inspires peak performance  to set your organisation for success.

Program Outcome – A Journey Map from Vision to Value

Phase 1 

‘The Spirit of Excellence’ Leadership Workshop

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Defining or refining blueprint for intended transformation

Vision, Mission, Purpose, Core Values Refresh

Phase 2

Making Mission Possible – Team Alignment Workshop

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Aligning the teams to the shared mission and inspiring accountability

Inspiring the Spirit of Collaboration with Shared Vision, Mission & Values

Phase 3

Nurturing Culture of Excellence – Connecting the Dots

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Aligning individuals to the team's mission and ensuring success 

Creating an organisational culture of purpose driven actions

#2 Engineering Harmony MasterClass


Experience in just 60 minutes what takes people an eternity: A Stress-Free Meditative State of Mindfulness, Connectedness and Peak-Performance.

Can transformation be triggered in just 60min? 

A highly interactive program that connects individuals, and transcends cross-functional teams to their collaborative peak performance zone. You will see silos breaking, instant team bonding and a lot of joy sharing in just 60 minute.

Program Outcome – Turning 'Me' into Purposefully Connected 'We' 
  • Experience the essence of a decade long research on Happiness and Peak- Performance Mindset in just 60minutes

  • A booster shot to enhance inner-peace, leadership, relationship management and stress management skills

  • Customisable to themes like Collaborating Minds – Celebrating Success; Living Joyfully in a Stressful World; or Stress Buster Team Bonding with Laughter Yoga

  • Infuse purposeful creative energy into any conference, customer event, strategy planning session, or a team building exercise with a shot of nature’s Joy Cocktails.

A perfect program to keep audience engaged and awake in the post-lunch session.

#3 Engineering Happiness MasterClass


When We Are Happy, We Are At Our Best.

Happy people are the building blocks of successful organisations and a happier world.

But, can happiness be engineered?

This introspective workshop creates clarity of purpose to inspire inner-transformation. The program is a potent blend of neurosciences; positive psychology; ancient wisdom and a decade long research involving 70,000+ interactions. You will be creating a transformation blueprint for a joyful personal and professional life.

Program Outcome – Inspiring an Inner Driver for The Desired Transformation
  • Gaining clarity of purpose on why to transform and pursue happiness

  • Learning accelerators and barriers to living a life of sustained happiness

  • Cultivating Happiness Mindset enabling innovative thinking and peak-performance mindset

  • Creating personalised Wheel of Happiness – an eight-dimensional

Creating a blueprint for transcending into significance

#4 Engineering Innovation MasterClass


’Think Outside the Box’ – A simple phrase that is difficult to implement. But what creates this box and how do we get out of it? 

Are we born creative or can we learn to innovate? 

Engineering Innovation workshop is an interactive experience, designed to first help participants understand barriers to innovation; and then equip them with the systematic innovation tools to innovate. This workshop enables people to see challenges as growth opportunities and to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

Program Outcome – Innovative Solutions with Team Ownership
  • Experiencing barriers to innovation and understanding The Box we live in

  • Activating Innovation Mindset utilising principles of neurosciences, positive psychology, modern research, and ancient wisdom.

  • Learning a systematic innovation process to address transformation goals and challenges

  • Applying the learnings to identify creative solutions to a specific business challenge

After attending this workshop anyone can innovate!


#5 Engineering Transformation Mentoring Services


Ideas don't work, until you do the work. 

Plans do not transform people or organisations; successful implementations do.

Can you derive the desired ROI? 

Implementation is the execution phase of the Engineering Happiness Transformation Framework. In this phase, the alignment achieved during 'Introspection'; harmony created during 'Interconnection'; the empowerment achieved during “Inspiration”; and the creative solutions identified in the 'Innovation' phases – all come together to accomplish intended transformation outcome. 

Program Outcome – Executing Plans to Achieve the Desire Results

This is an iterative phase where we provide mentoring interventions and consulting services to ensure transformation. strategy plans are executed successfully.