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Engineering Innovation
A Systematic Innovation Process to Transform Your Imagination to value

In the increasingly competitive world, innovation is no more limited to the research labs. Innovation Mindset is essential to be successful in our personal and professional life. The question is – Can creativity and innovation be nurtured or is it a nature’s gift just for a chosen few?


Engineering Innovation workshop is an interactive experience, designed to first help participants understand barriers to innovation; and then equip them with the systematic innovation tools to innovate. This workshop will enable participants to see challenges as growth opportunities and to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

Engineering Innovation
Thinking Outside The Box And Creating Culture of Innovation 
An Innovative Approach to Critical Thinking & Value Creation 
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Demystifying Systematic Innovation


What, Why, Who and How of Innovation

  • Experiencing The Box in which we live and limits our creativity

  • Understanding Innovation Nomenclature and Business Need

  • Interactive exercises to understand need for Systematic Innovation

  • Building a case for Innovation Mindset and Culture of Innovation



Functional Analysis Based Innovation

Making Complex Simple; and Simple - Valuable

  • Understanding Functional Analysis principles

  • Learning ideation tools for functional systematic innovation

  • Utilising Functional Analysis for Systematic Innovation

  • Group Exercise to put knowledge to action and learn by example


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Design Thinking & Systematic Innovation 

Compassion Based Creative Problem Solving  

  • Understanding Design Thinking

  • Learning ideation tools for Design Thinking 

  • Utilising Design Thinking Principles for Systematic Innovation

  • Group Exercise to put knowledge to action and learn by example


Sea Turtle

Blue Ocean Strategy & Systematic Innovation

Making Competition Irrelevant with Value Innovation

  • Understanding Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS)

  • Utilising Blue Ocean Strategy principles for Systematic Innovation

  • Learning Blue Ocean Strategy ideation tool 

  • Group Exercise to put knowledge to action and learn by example


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Ceativity and Innovation Toolbox

A Few Key Innovation Essentials

  • Learning Systematic Innovation Tools necessary for better outcome

  • Activity Based Introduction to Journey Mapping, Idea Harvesting, Lateral Thinking, Brain-Writing, Pain Storming and more…

  • Group Exercise to put knowledge to action and learn by example


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Capstone Project: From Idea to Value Creation

A Few Key Innovation Essentials

  • Applying integrated learning from this program to address a real life innovation challenge.

  • This phase can also be a consultative mentoring intervention engagement to address your real business challenge.