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Creating a Personalised and Engaging Online Experience

A potent blend of neurosciences, positive psychology, modern research & ancient wisdom to inspire individuals and organisations to achieve excellence

Invite Dr. Arun to deliver his Keynote Talk and Ignite Passion for Excellence in Your Team

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Engineering Happiness:
A Journey from Good to Great
Ancient Wisdom for Excelling in the Modern Times
Thinking Outside The Box - The Super Skill for Success
Cultural Intelligence - A Critical Future Leadership Skill


Engineering Happiness: 

A Journey from Good to Great

Upgrading Inner Operating System for Peak Performance & Joy

This interactive program is a good blend of neurosciences, modern research and ancient wisdom. You will first experience important IOS features and then receive a few critical upgrades to inspire a life of peace, prosperity and joy.

Engineering Happiness
Ancien Wisdom
Astonomical Clock


Ancient Wisdom for Excelling in Modern Times

​Responding to life’s dilemmas for shaping desired destiny

Life is a journey of making choices. We shape our destiny with the the choices we make. In this session, the audience will get a taste of how ancient wisdom can be utilised for making mindful choices to achieve best outcomes in personal and professional life.

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Thinking Outside The Box: The Super Skill for Success

Learning the art of innovation for creating breakthrough solutions

’Think Outside the Box’ – A simple phrase frequently used to inspire innovation, yet difficult to implement. What creates this box and how do we get out of it?

This expert talk is designed to first help participants understand barriers to innovation (The Box); and then equip them with the ideas to systematically innovative solutions to complex problems.

OOB Thinking


Cultural Intelligence: 

A critical future leadership skill

Utilizing diversity for Leadership Excellence & Better Business Outcome

Learn the principles, purpose, and value of Cultural Intelligence in the workplace. This program provides What, Why, and How to Develop and Apply CI.

  • Demystifying Culture, Cultural Diversity, and Cultural Intelligence

  • Interactive learning of Cultural Diversity and Attributes of Cultural Intelligence 

  • The role of Diversity in nurturing a Culture of Innovation 

  • Utilizing Cultural Intelligence to enhance Engagement, Productivity and Happiness Quotient

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