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Winning The Invisible Game

Using The Power of Your Mind to Achieve Peak Performance

We are always engaged in two games - One played outside in the physical environment, and the other, within our mind with our own-selves. The quality of this invisible game influences outcome of the outer game. "Winning the Invisible Game" is an interactive program focused on developing and sustaining peak performance mindset.

Gain a Psychological Edge that enables you to be focused, confident and determined to perform at your personal best, on a consistent basis, regardless of the circumstances. 

The program was well received by the Indian Jr. Hockey Team, Pro-Kabaddi Team and Indian Army. 

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Indian Jr. Hockey Team.jpg

Winning The Invisible Game - Mental Conditioning Workshop Takeaway

  • Personal SWIM Analysis to understand self

  • Developing belief in one’s ability

  • Power of Intention, Focus and Action to accomplish goals 

  • Mental Training to harness power of positive visualisation 

  • Mindfulness Practices to gain ability to discard anxieties and doubts

  • Coping up with losses, failures and mistakes

  • Removing mental roadblocks and learning winning habits

  • Developing Champion’s Mindset

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