arunb Keynote Talks

Inspiring Individual, Team, and Organisational Transformation

Some of the other Keynotes delivered by arunb for personal and professional transformation:

  • Creating Spiritual Workplace:

Bringing balance between working hard and living joyfully by applying non-religious and practical concepts of rationalized spirituality at work. Learn the best practices from ancient wisdom of organizations that have sustained themselves for thousands of years; successfully overcoming worst of internal and external challenges. The lessons are equally valuable for an individual, teams, and organizations striving to excel in this challenging world.

  • Business Ethics for Today: Inspirations from Ancient Wisdom

In this extremely practical talk – arunb shares the best management principles from the ancient wisdom of the world. Deriving inspiration from the institutions that survived test of time and spread prosperity & joy; this talk discusses practical methods of how virtues and ethics can be utilized in the business strategy today to build profitable yet righteous organizations.

  • Redefining and Achieving Work & Life Balance

In the modern day lifestyle, many of us are struggling to maintain our work & life balance. Hear another perspective of how it is totally in our control to create environment for achieving work & life balance as well as Joyful Living. When our motivation is inspired by deepest sense of purpose; and our actions are governed by virtuous values; we live in our Excellence Zone. This is where winning strategies get created, organizations thrive, and human potential transforms to create history.

  • Unlocking Success Potential: Invoking the Winner in You

You may have read of a lot of modern research on how to achieve success. Now hear Arun Bhardwaj unveil success principles from ancient wisdom of the world to invoke the winner in you. These principles have stood test of time over hundreds of years. You now have a choice of developing these success traits to live a life of prosperity without taking shortcuts or sacrificing peace of mind.

  • The Secrets of India: A Cultural Journey from Ancient to Modern

Embark on a exciting journey as you time travel to 1500BC and then live every significant period of Indian history. Experience how the culture changed along the way. The rituals will be given their purpose back along the journey and you will be amazed at how much our ancestors knew. This audio-visual and narration based experience will leave you with a profound experiences and changed meaning of things you took for guaranteed.