First Talk Flyer

Arun was living in Sunnyvale (California, USA), and his home was very close to the public library. One fine day he met an old gentleman who was visiting his son from India. As his son went to work, the father had nothing to do. He told Arun that he was computer illiterate but very curious to learn 'how computer works' and use Internet or email. Those days Arun was also feeling that since he is living in the USA; he should contribute to the social programs there. He spoke with the library management about his interest in running an adult education program on using computers. The library staff was more than happy to provide place and logistic support. The first session was on "How Computers Think and Talk". The session was attended by many senior citizens, and some of them had also brought their grand children along. The appreciation and the blessings that Arun received after this session became the foundation of his passion in public speaking. People were fascinated by his capability to make complex - simple. The flyer below brings back memories of emotional / inspirational response received that unlocked his latent potential.