Engineering Happiness for Academic Excellence

World is changing fast. Like other professions, academia is also going through an important transformation in the Teaching-Learning practices to support increased velocity of change in the world. In such dynamic environment, both teachers and students face internal competitive pressure, peer-pressure, and pressure to perform. In addition, feeling of lack of appreciation and discontentment can accumulate to cause stress and loss of performance. We do have classes to teach how to do our jobs well, but seldom get chance to learn how to enjoy our jobs (and lives) well.

As academic leaders, you have the responsibility to create inspirational environment in the classrooms where future leaders, entrepreneurs, scientist, academicians and progressive citizens would be created. Our innovative Engineering Happiness for Teaching Excellence programs provide you the principles, process and the tools to become the transformer of lives.

On the other hand, students are facing problems of low-self esteem, pressure to perform and growing expectations from parents, teachers and society in general. This leads to anxiety and stress, pushing some students to make unwise choices in life. Engineering Happiness for Student Excellence program are designed to empower youth to handle their life's challenges well.