Teaching excellence

"For Students to be Interested; the Teaching has to be Interesting"

Academic Leadership is not about making an academician look good but for an academician to evolve and excel as a human being and an educator. It is a paradigm shift from begin a transactional professional or 'a sage on the stage' to a transformational leader or 'a guide on the side'. This program is about changing the way students receive education. Academic Leaders, instead of following traditional methodologies of passing instructions, now focus on inspiring students to participate in knowledge creating and to apply learned concepts in real life situations. In this program educators will learn about various roles they have to play to be successful academic leaders and to transform lives. This module will be of 3 to 4 hours duration.

Engineering Happiness for Teaching Excellence

One Day Academic Leadership Workshop Outline

(10:00am to 11:15am): Session 1 – Engineering Mindfulness

Experience Power of Mind to energise Individuals and Supercharge Team-Spirit

In this high-energy interactive session, learn to manage day-to-day stress, maintain high energy levels and nurture positivity. As you soak in the “Spirit of Laughter” and enjoy the Joy Cocktails released by the brain; experience in just 60min what takes people an eternity – ‘A Meditative State of Mindfulness & Peak Performance’. This session is designed to catalyse creativity, art of possibilities and positive emotions. You’ll see silos breaking, instant team bonding and a lot of joy in just 60min.

11:15am to 11:30am: Tea Break

11:30am to 1:00pm: Session 2 – Engineering 8-Dimenions of Happiness

Nurture Excellence @Work and Joy @Home

This innovative program is designed to inspire people into highly engaged happy individuals, and involve them in a mission to become peak performing teams. Dr. Arun will introduce 8-Dimensions of happiness established by his research as the root cause of motivation to excel in any field of life. You will create a personalized transformation plan to achieve excellence in all spheres of life. You will identify your drivers to perform at your best. After this program you will know how to manage happiness; and live meaningfully with your full creative potential to do your best. The session will include Stress Management, Time Management, Goal Management, Work-Life Harmony Management part of the 8-Dimensions.

1:00pm to 2:00pm: Lunch Break

2:00pm to 3:15pm: Session 3 – Creating Inspiring Classrooms of the Future

In this session, participants will learn Wisdom of PEARL – Our signature methodology that demonstrates power of Participative, Experiential, Associative and Reflective Learning. Experience learning bottlenecks and learn methods to address them to create engaging and inspiring classrooms of the future. You will see Wisdom of PEARLs in action during the session and participate in the session as you learn how to use it in the classroom to keep teaching interesting along with addressing human learning bottlenecks to maximise information retention in the mind of audience. The outcome of this session would be an understanding of what would it take to become an Academic Leader or a Perfect 10 teacher.

3:15pm to 3:30pm: Tea Break

3:30pm to 4:30pm: Session 4: Innovating Experiences

In this group exercise based session participants will learn Innovation tools to design their own innovative experiences to create inspiring classrooms of the future.

4:30pm to 5:00pm: Session 5

Discussions, Feedback and Valedictory

Additional Modules to Further Customise the Program

Session 1: Engineering Mindfulness: Team Bonding with Laughter Meditation

This is an interactive and innovative program that recharges individuals and supercharges team spirit. In this ‘right brain’ creative workout, participants will learn how laughter can nurture happiness and peak performance. Experience in 60min what takes people an eternity: Mindfulness and living in NOW.

· Introduction and Importance of Stress Management & Laughter

· Introduction to Laughter Meditation

· Laughter Meditation and Experiencing Mindfulness

Value: Building Interconnections. You will see instant connect within the team and very high energy environment ready for further learning.

Session 2: Engineering 8 Dimensions of Happiness

Nurture Excellence @Work and Love @Home

This innovative program inspires highly engaged and peak performing teams. Arun will introduce “Basket of Happiness”- The 8-Dimensions of happiness established by his research. Arun will also share practicable ideas to nurture each of the “8-Dimensions of Happiness” to systematically address root cause of motivation to enjoy every moment of life.

Session 3: Personalized Wheel of Happiness

Create a personalized plan to achieve happiness in life

In this session, a systematic framework will guide participants to create a personalized transformation plan to achieve happiness in all spheres of life. Participants will calculate their Personal Happiness Index (PHI); and create a transformation plan to improve their PHI.

The session will also help teams alight their personal happiness plan with the vision and mission of the organisation.

Session 4: Post Lunch Creative Group Activities (Improving ‘Thinking and Acting Together’ Group dynamics)

This session will help people to get back to creative mood post lunch and also give some food for thought in a fun and interactive environment.

The session will start with a fun learning activity ‘Flying Poles’ to test team coordination. Second activity - “Dilemma on The Moon” will help the team to reflect on the challenges of interpersonal communication to achieve team goals. The participants will explore opportunities to improve group dynamics.

Session 6: Engineering Learning Innovation

An Innovative Pedagogy to Address Learning Bottlenecks

In this interactive session you will experience an innovative pedagogy designed by Arun to maximize impact of any information sharing session including learning exchange in a classroom. You will see Wisdom of PEARLs in action during the session and participate in the session as you learn how to use it in the classroom to keep teaching interesting along with addressing human learning bottlenecks to maximise information retention in the mind of audience.

Arun Bhardwaj has been utilising his methodology for his presentations and workshops for corporate executives, students and even to make social interactions more effective.

Session 7: Vision and Mission Statement for Life

We have seen organizations build vision, mission and purpose statement but organizations are nothing more than an organized group of people. It is important for the people to know clearly their vision, mission and purpose for life. Then only they can see how they contribute to the organizational vision and mission. In this program segment, each participant will have an opportunity to develop their purpose of life assisted by Arun’s signature techniques, and align it with the organizational vision / mission.

Session 8: Engineering Transformation: Developing and Changing Habits

All the learning may be in vain if our habits don’t change

Intent of any systematic program is to bring about transformation in individuals to collectively transform organizations. Therefore, it is important to understand how habits form, stick and can be changed. In this session, participants will experience a blend of modern research and ancient wisdom as a tool to change habits and bring transformations.

Session 9: Critical Skills for Nurturing Excellence

This is an interactive module (using Wisdom of PERALs methodology) to help you nurture critical skills for personal, social and professional excellence. You can pick single, multiple or skills to be included in the program.

- Time Management

- Relationship / Social Style Management

- Interpersonal Communication Management

- Stress Management

- Win-Win negotiation / conflict management

- Be a STAR Leader: Developing Leadership Attitude; Leading from the position of no power

Session 10: Systematic Innovation Program

This program will address the question, “Is it possible to nurture culture of innovation?” Can anyone innovative? The tools and methodology shared will help anyone to come up with innovative ideas and translate ideas into business case to create organizational value.

Closing Session: Top 10 Take Away and Q&A