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Autumn Leaves

A Day of Awakening

Beach Yoga
Experiencing Thoughtlessness, Joy & Peak Performance
Art of Creativity, Innovation & Value Creation
A Night to Stand on the Shoulders of The Giants
A Mornig of Meditation
Buddhist Monk Meditating

A Morning of Meditation
Engineering Mindfulness Workshop

Demystifying Mindfulness and Experiencing It Real Time

A morning dedicated to fine-tuning the mind to its peak performance state. 

  • Experience the power of Laughter, Breath, and Movement Meditation

  • A powerful blend of neurosciences, modern research, and the ancient wisdom

  • Get a positive inner recharge that will rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit

  • Experience in 60min what takes people an eternity: a blissful state of Mindfulness and your Peak Performance Zone 


Program Outcome

Enhanced positive mental attitude

  • Stronger personal bonding 

  • An elevated level of creativity and productivity

A Day of Innovation

A Day of Motivation
Industrial Abstract Object

A Day of Innovation
Engineering Innovation Workshop

Nurturing Innovation Mindset and Culture of Innovation

In the increasingly competitive world, an Innovation Mindset is essential to be successful in any field. The question is – Can creativity and innovation be nurtured or is it a nature’s gift just for a chosen few?

​​This workshop will enable participants to see challenges as growth opportunities and to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

​​Innovation Workshop Agenda

​Session 1: Understanding the Need for Innovation

  • Activity-based session to experience The Box in which we mentally live and limit our creativity

Session 2: Understanding Systematic Innovation Process

  • Activity-based session to learn the systematic innovation process​

Session 3: Learning Interactively By Example

  • Group activity-based session to solve an example to apply the learning

A Night of Inspiration

An Infotainment Extravaganza to inspire a life of significance

A Night of Inspiration
Laughing Yoga

Engineering Mindfulness with Laughter

Experiencing Your Peak Performance Zone

  • A high energy interactive session to experience

  • In just 60min of interactive session experience what takes people an eternity - A joyful state of thoughtlessness (for at least 15minutes)

  • Experience being in your peak performance zone

Engineering Happiness Keynote

Transforming Into Significance
  • Learn the root cause of motive for all actions

  • Understand 8 factors critical for living a meaningful life

  • Learn to create a personalised happiness blueprint to become your best possible self

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-22 at 3.43.17 PM.

Two Inspirational Speakers

Standing on the shoulders of giants
  • Two local guest speakers with inspirational story of success and significance resulting in community impact

  • In future, those who got inspired by A Night of Inspiration and did something of significance would be invited as well

Performing Artists

Fire Side Chat with Dr. Arun

In Conversation with an Inspiring Personality
  • A celebrity sharing his / her story of transforming into significance

  • Celebrity's principles and anecdotes to inspire a meaningful life

Cultural Showcase

Infotainment by Inspirational Performers
  • 'A Night of Inspiration' will also provide a platform to local artists with inspirational stories

  • Their performances (one individual and one group performance) will spice up the night and enhance the learning experience​

Invest on Happiness Today - Harvest a Happier Tomorrow !

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